Friday, April 16, 2010

Which Romeo would you choose?

Hi everyone, (:

I have a really quick post to do and once again, I need your help.
You see, I've gotten these two texts from two different boys and I would you all to comment down below and tell me which one you like the best and why.

Okay, this is number one.
"I know you're asleep right now but I just wanted to tell you that everytime I'm not talking to you, I'm thinking of you and every second of the day my heart aches because I miss you more than I could put in words, you're the only girl I've ever known that makes my heart ache, gives me the butterfies and make me smile all at the same time. If I was standing in a room full of women the only thing I would see is you. I feel really bad because I believe I have nothing to offer you except my trust, 100% commitment and my heart. I feel as though you deserve a lit more, I want to be with you more that you could possibly ever know."

And, alas, number two.
"You're an amazing person inside and out. You make me smile just by saying hello, you're so important to me already, I feel as though I'm content when I talk with you. I don't say these things because I can, I mean them. I would give the world just to spend some time with you and I wouldn't trade you for anyone. Don't change, you'r eperfect the way you are, you're an amazingly beautiful person with a gorgeous personality, okay? Never forget that. (:"

GAH, I'm torn between two rediculously adorable prince charmings. Haha.

I feel special, ♥


  1. Hmm that's a tough call =\
    I don't know, hard for me to comment because I like actions more than words but then again don't know the full story of what's going on.
    Ummm I guess maybe go with the one who makes you feel that way?
    Sorry sweets :( but good luck !

  2. Yeppers! I agree with jaHnice! Tough call! May your heart hint to you!

    <33 Rena

  3. yes, I agree. I'll get back to you if anything happens.

    I thought it would be a fun thing to post anyway and see which one people thought was cutest. ^^,

  4. @Rena: Yes, hopefully! Otherwise I'll stay stuck in the middle forever, haha.


  5. awh those are truly sweet messages, if only it was the two messages put together and only one guy sent it - now that would of been so easy!

    Well in my experience, I've always had to see them in person and see how they act towards you, but what I thought was really charming was when the second guy said you don't need to change, and now that's a big thing because now you know that you can totally just be yourself and they'll accept you for who you are and that's what matters the most.

    In conclusion, I think that even though it's so hard and your torn between two, just go with your heart, whatever feels right because I can tell - in the end, whoever your with, it'll be worth it (: they both sound sweet

  6. It depends on which guy offers more to the table.

  7. @Michelle: You are so right on that one.

    Thanks for your comment, it really made my day. (:

  8. This is just my opinion.

    The first message was more gooey and gushy, because he was talking about heartache, commitment, etc.

    The second message was a little bit more laidback, he used smiley faces and was more casual.

    But I think that the second guy seems equally as sweet.

    In the end, you just have to think. Who do you want to be with? Picture yourself with your dream guy.. and which one is it.

  9. Awwww, you lucky girl!

    I'm Team #2!
    He seems so sincere and to the point so he gets my vote.

    Good luck and keep us updated!

  10. Romeo #2 :) he seems more genuine with what he's saying, even though it's over a text. they both seem soo sweet though, it's such a tough choice :/ best of luck girlie! xx

  11. i like the second boy.

    but when you wake up in the morning which one do you think of first? :)

    Whoever you think of first subconciously is the person i think you should go for.

  12. You're so lucky. I'd choose no. 2,he seems so sincere. But I don't know.. Good luck with whoever you choose!

  13. Awww!!! They are both sooo cutee!! =) Il choose both! Haha xxxxx

  14. I agree with most of you, #2 wins my vote. And not just for the text.

    It's good to hear people's opinion based on a 'first impression' basis.

    Thanks everyone. <3

  15. aww i lovee sweeet texts my boyfriend sends them to me all the time very romantic..

    and i agree with number two as well : )

    i hope everything works out for you

    im now following you!!
    maybe you can follow me too?

  16. number two guy is cute!
    hehe but the most important thing is to follow your heart :)
    love your blog girl!