Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello my lovelies,
As you all know I'll be gone on holidays for 6 days. While I'm gone I'll be updating you on this blog and also on my youtube channel 'hellotherenicci'.

On here I post travel/artsy/music/vlogging videos - whereas my NicciMaree channel is now only for performances.

Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late night haul.

I like walking, and so I bought comfy and pretty shoes.
But now there is cold in my city... Waiting for the sun.


Kmart; $10.

Usually just wear these bracelets with black clothes.

Diva; $7.

Diva; $7.

This is my new dresses - i bought them just for $5! 
There's cold in my city - so, i need to wear something warm.. 
But warm clothes can be very pretty, right?

Ally; $5.

 Last week i've bought it for $5, i think it's good cost for such cool mascara!
 My lashes are so long with it... Mmmm...


Priceline; $5.

$2 ea; Priceline.

No comments, absolutely love it!

Cotton On; $10


Indian is my favourite food.

Helloooo, :)
Today I went to my favourite indian/thai restaurant with the family. Here's what we ordered.

Chicken Panang (Thai; mom).

Lamb Vindaloo (Indian; dad).

Butter Chicken (Indian; me)Peshwari Naan (Indian; Fruit and nut filling).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Accessories Galore.

Hello dear friends,
Here are a few things that I've purchased this week.

I got this belt from Just Jeans for only $5.
From JayJays, I got this skirt for $20 and the bracelet for $5.
Then from Malouf Chemist, they had a clearance for all Rimmel items $2.50 each, so I got the bronzer (which I love!) and liquid liner.
I also bought a few things today but I haven't had time to take photos of them. So instead, I'll show you another day. ♥

That's okay, I've just 'ready made another stupid love song.

"Herro. :)
Okay so, wow. I haven't updated since March 15.
Oops. n_n

If you read my personal blog you would have figured out that I went shopping with my best friend, but I only had $20 by the time I went into Cotton On. I did however, manage to purchase a few things :D

I got Denim-look tights for $10, a floral cardigan for $5, leopard scarf for $5 and some floral bangles for $5 at Equip too."

iooierugsdnf; holidays are going so quickly.

Old post from VanityVogue - It's the last one. ♥

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel = Life.

Here's what I wore yesterday, to Brisbane. I'll be going back there next week too. (:

Bow Dress (worn as top) from Supre, Skirt (with attached belt) from JayJays, Knitted tights from Target, Trench coat from Supre, Boots from Kmart and Bag from Guess.