Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is the time when I need you the most. All of you.

Hello my lovelies.

I logged on today realizing that 34 people are a fan of my blog, thanks everyone.
Also, since I'm probably deleting my makeup/fashion blog, I'll be posting my old fashion posts since people happen to like them for inspiration.

But that's besides the point. I'm here writing a post right now because I need all of your help. Yes, each and every one of you.
You see, I have an english assignment where I have to write a short story, but all holidays I've been going blank at the thought of it. As a result I have been lead to absolutely no ideas over the holidays and the procrastination has left me realizing that the draft/monitoring is due tomorrow.

Please, leave a comment below giving me any ideas, thoughts, pictures, starting lines or quotes to help me out. The story can be about anything, but the teacher told me to embrace a storyline on something that will encourage teenagers to read it.

Thankyou and I appreciate any help, really.



  1. anything about typical teenage stuff like bullying, alcohol,abuse, relationships, drugs, selfharm, sex, peer pressure im sure you have had many exp with these things as everyone dose why dont you try to think about something that really moved you and write about that? you could wirte about anything really... one thing that i remember thinking about allot when i was at school was how dumb it was that we were "labled" as such like the popular people but who were they really popular with? honestly noone really liked them because all they did was bitch and bring people down its kinda sad... But luckly for me i never bought into all that crap i always thought it was silly and just did my own thing (altho becuase of that i didnt make many friends at school but i didnt really care that much about it either since i did have maybe 3-4 good friends) eh hope this helps sorry i ranted a bit ahahaha

  2. love ur blog hun, so following!
    as for your english essay write about something you are really passionate about in, a social issue, a muse or inspiration in your life...something that means something to you will reflect in your writing and your individual story! good luck xo

  3. @mememe: Thankyou, and yes, it did help.


  4. @emma j: Thanks. I followed you too. (:

    & Thanks again for the ideas.

  5. cute necklace!! i've been looking for one like that.

    as for story ideas...i'd probably be no help, my ideas would be full of aliens or atomic bombings or equally random things :/


  6. @daydreaminblue: I bought it just the other day - twas the last one on stock too. (:

    Haha, thanks anyway.
    I think that's my problem; I have all sorts of different ideas but I can't seem to link them all together.

  7. what an adorable necklace! as far as creative writing i always believe it's best to "write what you know" so write something you are informed about...and inspired by (so it won't be dull) ;) watching movies helps me a lot when i get writers block...good luck!
    ♥ Mamushka Marie ♥

  8. I love your blog!
    Please keep-up with the beauty reviews!
    About your essay, just write about your blogs! it should be the most inspiring topics!!
    btw, where did you get the benzoyl 10% from? i can only find the 5% at chemist warehouse.

  9. @CokOstralia: Thankyou my dear.

    I will! Any requests? :P

    Ah yes :D

    Oh, and I got it from over the counter i think. Just ask. :)

  10. i dont know which state you'r from, but priceline in WA is giving a huge goody bag is you spend $50 from selected brand, i think im gonna pick up some stuff from revlon and rimmel.

    have you ever try l'oreal studio secret range?

    did you already delete the other blog? i forgot if it was you who tried the bb mushroom cream?

  11. ooooh are you gonna try the new maybelline vibrator mascara??

  12. @CokOstralia: I'm from QLD, but they do it here too. (:

    I might pick it up also, but I'm still unsure of what to get so far.

    No I haven't, but I've been eying their primer. They have pretty good reviews on makeupalley too.

    No i didn't delete it yet. I'll either be deleting it next week or leaving it up but not updating it.
    Yes, that was me. That's the skinfood one right?

  13. @CokOstralia: Ah yes, I've been meaning to try that! Do you think it'd be any good though?

  14. heyy sorry i was on weeek end!
    did you manage to get anything?
    i bought revlon photoready liquid foundation, first i applied bit on my hand, and saw some glitter, i thought it was cool,
    but then after seeing my hand in the sunlight, i was kind of oh my god if its on my face, there'll be glitter everywhere!!!
    so i think im just gonna use it if im out at night! lol

  15. @CokOstralia: Nah, I haven't gotten anything recently.

    I had a sample of photoready and I wore it to school one day and usually my face gets oily by the end of the day, but with this it looked like I was already oily from the moment I put it on. :(

  16. I really like your blog and your posts! The love necklace is really cute;)