Thursday, April 8, 2010

My advice to you, whatever the problem, is: rethink.

Today is it.
Are you living your life? With passion, conviction, and pure joy?
What about love? Do you seek it out? Do you believe and soak it in?
Take the time now to breathe and wonder and feel and rethink your life. Your dreams. You.

Today I barely did anything. Well, anything worth blogging about, that is.
I bought some pretty things though - I'll post photos tomorrow if I have the time.
Tomorrow I'm going to the beach with a close friend of mine.
We had a little rough patch not long ago, but we've fixed it. And I've come to the conclusion that she does go alright.

Cheers to a pointless post.
Any ideas of what I can post? I need inspiration, photos, websites, topics.
I do have a little potential to write, it's there, I swear.



  1. pointless not! I liked this post, I think your living your life is you are at least happy enough (:

    x x x

  2. I agree with Michelle! :) I love reading what you have to say. Hmm.. inspiration... I always get inspiration from Flickr. They have amazing photographs. I guess.. basically, life experience gives me inspiration. Have a nice day lovely <3

  3. @Joanna: Thankyou dear.

    I know what you mean, I've just saved so many inspirational photos from flickr.
    Hope your day was good.