Friday, April 16, 2010

Bargara, Australia.

I went to the beach the other day, which might I add, haven't been for a long time.
It was beautiful - I walked along the beach, started on my short story and ate fish and chips while watching the sun go down.I found this written in the sand. It looks like Korean, doesn't it? (:

What I wore:
Hot options top, Chic-a-booti vest, Cotton on skirt, Mendrez flats.


  1. miss you are absolutely stunning :O
    that 4th photo! favourite
    love the blog :) (fellow aussie)
    stop by some time xx

  2. these photos are absolutely gorgeous ♥
    you look soo pretty! love the outfit :) xx

  3. @Margaret: Oh, why thankyou!
    You're from NSW i see? I have some family from over there. :)

    I'm followed to your blog now, x.

  4. Beautiful pictures. The eos chapsticks can be found at sephora-rite aid- and duane reade.

  5. @Fabnay: thankyou. Unfortunately, I have none of those shops in Aus.

  6. Some lovely scenic photos of the beach, if only I didn't live in a city :)

  7. :) I live in a city too. This beach is about a 15 minute drive. I work right next to this beach - it's lovely.