Friday, May 14, 2010

MAC Haul. Plus some more.

Hello my readers,
I need to tell you all something. There's either something wrong with my camera, memory stick or laptop because my photos don't want to import into the computer.

So instead, I took some photos with my new (but still bad quality camera) DSi XL.

First, MAC items. I used to collect eyeshadows in pro pan form, but I'm going though a 'pot' phase, so to speak. I got these two eyeshadows to finish my neutral palette:
Bottom left is honesty and bottom right is patina. They work quite nicely together.

The rest are my single eyeshadows.
Omega. Soft muted beige taupe, matte.

Sketch. Intense burgundy plum flecked with red shimmer, velvet.

All that Glitters. Midtone beige with golden reflects, veluxe pearl.

Mulch. Intense golden reddish-brown flecked with golden-bronze shimmer, velvet.

Naked Lunch. Minimal pink with shimmer, frost finish

And MAC's loose blot powder (Pro Product) was one I received in the mail the other day.
From Cosmetics Plus:
Annabelle eyeliner in 'Vortex Violet'.
BYS shadow brush. Only $3, so soft!
For my love of leopard prints.
Plus quickly,
A Modelista blush and eyeshadow palette from target. They were $20 each, but were on sale for '2 for $10'. (:

Will post better pictures of these in the future. I bought a USB cable for my camera on Ebay last night so hopefully it'll come soon.

But comment below nevertheless,


  1. @Jin Nguyen: I recorded a few yesterday, but OF COURSE my laptop didn't want to import anything. D:

    Will try to make some soon though. x

  2. @Fabnay: I always thought it was so overrated and didn't want it for the longest time but now I have it, I don't think I could live without it. :D

  3. Wow! Nice! Those BYS brushes are a secret treasure. I love, love, love the BYS smudge brushes for packing on eyeshadow. $3.95... a steal! =)!

  4. @Skindz: Ooo, I might take a look at them.

    I would've never expected them to be good. :D