Friday, May 28, 2010

I aint no club, heart or diamonds.

Yesterday consisted of dance practice.
And although I may have 'over dressed' for the occasion, I really do like how the outfit turned out.
But maybe it's just because I'm a black and white clothes kind of girl.

I had a 100 minute modern history exam today.
I thought I was going to die from being so tired and bored.
I think i did okay though.

Target hat, Ally cardigan, I ♥ YOU dress, Target stockings, Prada bag, Kmart boots.


  1. i LOVE your outfit and sense of stylee!! GIMMEEEE :D hahaha

  2. Didn't you post the same outfit post last year? And you wrote the exact same thing about a 100 minutes modern history exam.

  3. WOW!! You have a super stylish wardrobe. I love the way you piece things together! =)
    Show more fabulous photos!

  4. @YeaahBRO: It was this march I believe. And if you read one of my previous posts, I said that I'm copying my outfit posts from VanityVogue to NicciMaree, but not all at once.

    @Chelsey: Thankyou <3

    @KeytaHawkins: Thanks! x