Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let me out, I think I've have enough.

I was in the car with a mate when we drove past one of the guys i was talking about a few posts ago - Romeo #1. I don't think he noticed me but then again, I was making sure he didn't. You see, I we like each other and all, but I've had time to think since we haven't been talking lately.

This is precisely what I totally hate about relationships. Attachment. You don't belong to yourself anymore. You're sharing with someone else. So when they're not there, a part of you fades without them.

I can't stand that feeling. However, I dont know what that feeling is.



  1. Awhh, I totally agree :/ when I was in a relationship with my ex I didn't feel like myself, I was such a bitch. And when we broke up I literally could not function properly. :S I think I prefer being single. :P

  2. i don't have much to say to this post but I just wanted to leave a msg saying I really like your blog & your hair is adorbs! :)

  3. If I could ever get a tattoo, I'd want it on my wrist!

    Relationships often create attachment, but that can be a good thing as long as it doesn't get in the way of normal life. It's nice to have someone to care for and think about. As long as it's mutual of course.

    You're such a pretty girl with a big heart, I'm sure. Whoever this guy is, he better be acting right! :P

  4. @charmaine: Haha, same I think. :)

    @jenhe: Thankyou! You're so sweet.

    @Christine: Me too, they look awesome. Thanks for the lovely comment.