Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: Catalina Geo Face Touch in shade #7.

Hi everyone, today I'm going to do a review on the Catalina Geo Face Touch in shade #7.

Catalina Geo Face Touch #7.
Catalina Geo Face Touch #7.Catalina Geo Face Touch #7.

Basically, this product is a blush/illuminator for the face.

Long Lasting:
Ease of Application:
Overall Rating:

Review: I got this product sent to me by Lafine Cosmetics to do a review on. I must say, it is a pretty good product overall. The packaging is very sturdy and luxurious, which I guess is why the price is quite expensive (doesn't have the prices on the website, but the products I have seen the prices for online, are quite high). Catalina Geo Face Touch #7.
The product lasts long on the cheeks, but not all day - however, on my oily skin, nothing lasts. They are easy to apply because they're so smooth in texture. The bottom two colours are the most pigmented and are shimmery (I use them as a highlight), while the top colour I use as a blush and resembles the finish of a MAC sheertone blush. The brush that comes with it is soft and useable too.Catalina Geo Face Touch #7.
I like this product, especially for the highlighters!
Catalina Geo Face Touch #7.


  1. sooo pretty! very nice colors and the gold compact looks so chic!

  2. The packaging's very cute, and the colours are nice too. :D

  3. love the colors :) and yay im your 100th! I followed your other two blogs and only realised this one! oops x