Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel = Life.

Here's what I wore yesterday, to Brisbane. I'll be going back there next week too. (:

Bow Dress (worn as top) from Supre, Skirt (with attached belt) from JayJays, Knitted tights from Target, Trench coat from Supre, Boots from Kmart and Bag from Guess.


  1. you look gorgeous doll :) really cute outfit, i adore that coat! x

  2. I like how you paired the bow top with the plaid skirt... You look so cite shielding the sun haha.

    I haven't visited your blog dr awhile, I have missed it! :)

    Hope you've been good! Have fun on your little vacation. I agree that life = travel! Xp

  3. @▲ christine▼: Tehe, thanks!

    That's okay - I haven't had the time to update it until recently anyway. I have missed yours too and have just caught up on all the wonderful posts you have up.

    I've been fantastic. Other than the exams I have coming up this week, I have a 3 week holiday so it shall be great. <3

  4. Hey Nicci!! You look awesome in the pics :)
    What do you do down here in Brissie?..cuz I might see you around..probably not..but yeah. lol
    and Do you fly down here from Bundy?
    Have fun!!

  5. @MiinieMoo: Thankyou :)
    Well this time (and next time) I'll be there for the Miss Teen Philippines Australia Pageant. The finals are next week so me and the other girls have to stay there for 5 days to rehearse. It's chaos i tell you!

    I travel by car - 4 hours drive, lol.
    Thanks! x

  6. Logan Entertainment Centre
    Saturday 26 June 2010, 6.30 pm??
    how much are the tickets?

  7. @MiinieMoo: Yessireeee.
    They're $25 per chair.